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  • Red Bull TV Game Quest Microsoft Video Games Kinect XBOX Crashed Ice Bongfish Dani Kiwi Meier ManaMedia MANA Production Wintersport Skating Downhill Watch online development company startup Graz Quebec LA Redmond Seattle PAX

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  • The Facts

    Red Bull, Microsoft


    Bryce Gubler

  • We did

    Account Management

    Creative Development

    Athlete/Artist Management

    Rights Management

    Talent Casting

    Art Direction

    Motion Production

    Location Management

    Post Production

    Music/Audio Curation

  • Project notes

    Our team dedicated 1.5yrs to this project. Its a 6-part scripted reality series that draws back the curtain and shines a light upon the fascinating, pressure-filled world of game development – presenting an intimate look into the lives of the young, groundbreaking luminaries who are its unheralded creators. A full-access pass into the nuts and bolts, 7-day a week process of making a single video game – Red Bull Crashed Ice Kinect for XBLA.